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Goodbye Nursing Homes!

We already know all of this! And consider ourselves the lucky ones! Senior cohousing neighborhoods were actually created in Denmark in the early 1960s and brought to North America in 1988. Due to the boomer generation looking for more desirable alternative living arrangements, cohousing has been growing in popularity and has picked up steam in […]

We Don’t Sit Still

What do Phoenix Commons people do on Saturdays? One member is getting ready to bike to yoga class. Several members are enjoying “art camp” with their sewing, quilting, painting and crafting projects. Other members are busy in the kitchen preparing Saturday brunch for the community. We don’t often sit still. #activeseniors #cohousing #communityliving

Live Longer, Stay Younger

“We’re talking about rethinking, redefining one-third of adult life! The greatest achievement in the history of humankind — and all we can is that it’s going to make Medicare go broke? Why don’t we take that one-third and create new stories, new rituals, new mythologies for people as they age?” https://www.newyorker.com/magazine/2019/05/20/can-we-live-longer-but-stay-younger