Entries by Andy Verzea

Phoenix Rising Gala

The Phoenix Rising Gala was a glorious way to start off the new year. Wonderful food, dancing to the music of a live DJ, great company, not to mention a birthday celebration to boot!

Murder Mystery Night

A wild night was held at Phoenix Commons, featuring a murder mystery with a cast of characters like none other! After enjoying an elegant French dinner, the cast of Phoenix Commons’ stellar performers and audience tried to solve the murder…

Roman Holiday

Ciao from Tim and Leslie, who are enjoying a three month stay in Italy. One thing seems to be as true there as anywhere else in the world: whether in 2,000-year old cellar restaurants or cozy sidewalk cafes on a rainy day, good food and good company bring people together!

In the News Again

We love this article for obvious reasons (with one minor correction: our actual address is in Oakland, although most of our walkable entertainment and dining destinations are in downtown Alameda just across the bridge!) https://www.sfgate.com/senior-living/article/Co-housing-Can-it-really-work-for-older-adults-14269763.php