Social Gatherings for Prospective Members

You are invited to come join the Phoenix Commons senior cohousing community for a casual social gathering! This will be a great opportunity to meet our current community members and learn how Phoenix Commons could be the ideal launching pad for an active and meaningful retirement.

On Wednesday evenings from 5-6pm, join us for some wine and cheese in our waterfront lounge. Still working or busy on Wednesdays? No problem! Come on a Saturday morning from 10-11am and join our members for coffee and pastries.

Please RSVP by emailing us at [email protected] or calling (510) 217-8527.

Construction Update: February 24, 2016

As we enter the final stretch of construction, the contractor is focusing on detail work that will really make the building feel like home for the community. With the hot tub now installed, the atrium (Pic 1) is an inviting place for our members to relax, soak in, or take advantage of the tub’s therapeutic functions such as swimming and rowing. Two palm trees tower above the waterfront patio (Pic 2), providing both shade and an oasis-like ambiance. The building’s facade (Pic 3) boasts a modern aesthetic that is as cutting-edge as the community’s social architecture.

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Why I Chose Phoenix Commons: Spring F.

In this week’s edition of our series of reflections by current members, Spring offers her perspective on why she chose Phoenix Commons:

In a conventional urban neighborhood, my experience is that peoples’ energies and interests are dispersed. Cohousing members are choosing a place to live that encourages connection. This senior cohousing community creates the potential to age in a setting designed and structured for members to be part of and contribute to a caring community.

I have designed my personal/professional/political commitments around cooperative living. I look forward to us sharing parties, dinners, deep conversations, networking, lobbying, friends, and entertainment. All these with repeated flashes of insight and self-understanding, while myself and others remain deeply true to our highly individualized selves.

Construction Update: February 1, 2016

The waterfront promenade (Pic. 1), which is part of the Bay Trail, is finally complete! Meanwhile, other workers are putting the finishing touches on the interior of the building, including the ground floor carpeting (Pic. 2). Installation of the hot tub deck has also begun (Pic. 3), to make sure our community members may enjoy all the amenities from day one!

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Why I Chose Phoenix Commons: Susan B.

Here’s the next in our series of reflections by community members on why they chose Phoenix Commons. Next up, Susan:

I look forward to moving into a green building right on the waterfront. But even more important, I look forward to sharing this building with other members of Phoenix Commons, whom I respect and whose company I enjoy. I plan to learn from my neighbors, and to accomplish meaningful tasks alongside them, both within the group and out in the community. As time passes, I am confident that Phoenix Commons will be an excellent place to age gracefully, with strong support within the group.

Why I Chose Phoenix Commons: Angela H.

In an effort to share the stories of our community’s members, we’ll be posting a weekly series highlighting a particular member and why they chose Phoenix Commons, in their own words. First up, Angela:

My wife Kate and I had the joy of caring for her mother at an assisted living facility near us. Consequently we had many lessons on how not to age and realized quickly that our present house was not accessible and too small to accommodate our future needs as we age. We realized the core ingredient we wanted was to live in a community. I had lived communally for 11 years with a small Benedictine group.

We researched and visited cohousing communities throughout California and Colorado. Phoenix Commons, with its accessible location, proved to fit our needs as we are still working in the Bay Area. After a day with our clients, we want to come home to shared meals with our community. We are so excited to overlap our present social life with the folks in our new community.

Construction Update: December 15, 2015

As we inch ever closer to moving in at Phoenix Commons, final elements are being completed each day, such as the planter boxes in the interior courtyard (Pic. 1). Lamp posts on the waterfront patio will allow our members to enjoy the estuary at all hours (Pic. 2) All entrances will be opened with an electronic card, including the gateway from the waterfront patio to the courtyard (Pic. 3), providing residents with security and peace of mind.

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December 19, 2015: Weekend Tours of Phoenix Commons Now Scheduled!

Due to popular demand, we have scheduled tours of the new building on the morning of Saturday, December 19, 2015. Guided tours of the building will start at 9:00 am and continue at half-hour intervals until noon. Visitors will explore the ample common areas, see a variety of available units, and meet some of their future neighbors! Please RSVP by phone (510-217-8527) or email: [email protected]

Construction Update: December 2, 2015

A special delivery arrived at Phoenix Commons this past week: the community hot tub! (Pic. 1) A jumbo crane was needed (Pic. 2) to lift the tub from the street and drop it into the interior atrium. With the high-tech tub now in place, our members can look forward to relaxing in the open air oasis of the atrium, or enhancing their fitness routines with extra functions such as swimming against a current or resistance rowing (Pic. 3).

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Construction Update: November 12, 2015

With so much of the building complete, crews are turning more of their attention to the outside areas such as the waterfront patio (Pic. 1). Outside living is a big part of the California experience, and the ample outdoor spaces at Phoenix Commons will allow its residents to enjoy the temperate Bay Area climate (Pic. 2). Community terraces throughout the property are a perfect hangout spot for sipping a cup of coffee with neighbors while enjoying the tranquil waters of the Estuary (Pic. 3).

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