Oscars Night

Oscar night was a grand affair at Phoenix Commons, complete with a red carpet, fabulous friends, and elegant bachelors!

#Oscars2019 #cohousing #WeLikeToHaveFun

Agony of a City Cat

So close yet so far away…


Jingletown Potluck @ Phoenix Commons

Bonding with our neighborhood friends over a delicious potluck meal!

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Community-Focused Living Spaces

It’s not exactly cohousing, but the apartments described in this article are part of a growing trend of living spaces designed with community in mind — a trend we at Phoenix Commons are proud to be pioneering!


Embracing the Urban Aesthetic

Though abandoned, the 16th Street station is infused with the artistic spirit of #Oakland.

Visiting Venice

Even when halfway around the world, our community members always seem to find themselves in the vicinity of bridges and desserts 🙂

Wishing Tim and Leslie a safe journey on their Tour of Italy!

#cohousing #venice #cannoli

Views From the Bridge

Susan H. is enjoying the views from our beloved green neighbor, the Park Street Bridge!

Jingletown Photos

Susan, a new member of our community and a professional photographer, is enjoying the artistically fertile character of our  neighborhood! (You can see more of her work at susanhillyard.com)

#Jingletown #Oakland

Relationships Are The Key

The remedy to loneliness? Relationships!



The Antidote to Loneliness

The San Francisco Chronicle wrote a great article about our PC community. We think we’ve found the antidote to aging as well. Life is always buzzing around here, keeping us active and excited!