Staying Young Through Dancing

Perhaps dancing should be a part of everyone’s Third Age curriculum?


Cutting Your Risk For Dementia

Research also shows that these healthy habits are much easier to maintain when surrounded by supportive peers!

50 Is the New 30

Our “senior” cohousers have so much verve and energy, many can run circles around your average 30-year-old!

Urban Agriculture

Even with limited gardening space, we are producing more and more of our organic salad bar ingredients in-house, tended lovingly by members of the Landscape and Gardening Team.

#cohousing #UrbanAgriculture #ConsciousEating

Labor Day Fun

We use any excuse to party! Labor Day found us BBQing and playing outdoor games on our estuary-front patio and deck.


Doggies on the Deck

We love seeing how the public uses our deck during daylight hours. Today? Photo studio for a talented dog handler!

Our First Theater Performance

Phoenix Commons residents were thoroughly entertained by a fabulous play-reading performance of “The Importance of Being Earnest” by an amazing group of PC actors!

Sidewalk Art for the Earth

We can’t save the wh0le planet, but we try do our part! Phoenix Commons and local Jingletown residents joined together to paint the storm drain and sidewalk at the end of Phoenix Commons way, hoping to remind people that whatever you put in the drain, you put in the underwater wildlife environment!


LGBTQ-Friendly Cohousing for 55+

Our very own Angela was interviewed for this timely and needed article in the SF Bay Times about LGBTQ seniors.

Bay Cruise 2019

Phoenix Commons had another wonderful outing. Thirty or so of us took a ‘cruise’ out of Tiburon on the Angel Island Ferry. Never mind we almost froze to death and blown away in the wind, we had a fabulous potluck and a fun time.